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4 of the Most Common Reasons Marriages End In Divorce

When two people get married, they usually aren’t worrying that their precious union will come crumbling down one day. The euphoria of being in love casts most fears and worries of divorce out of the minds of young, newlywed couples. Unfortunately, divorce does happen, even to the happiest of newlyweds.

If you could avoid divorce, wouldn’t you want to? The first step in preventing the serious split is to know why they happen in the first place. Uncontested divorce lawyers have let us in the secret. Here are four of the top reasons that many marriages come to a crashing halt and end in divorce.

It’s All About The Money

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: nothing tears couples apart faster than money problems. Money is a very important aspect of human life, whether we like it or not. From ridiculous spending habits to major financial goals, the couple in the marriage must be on the same page. If one wants to save up and buy a dream house, while the other is content renting an apartment and blowing money at the mall every weekend, the two will never fit.

Infidelity Strikes Again

This one comes as no surprise, sadly. If one or even both members of a marriage do not remain faithful to each other, it is very unlikely that the marriage will survive. Couple’s therapists say that more than 50% of their patients in sessions are involved in an infidelity issue, and often a single case of infidelity is enough to end a marriage for good. The reasons that people cheat vary greatly, but they all typically end in the same result.

Lack of Communication

Communication is known as one of the most important key elements in any relationship, but especially for a marriage. Uncontested divorce lawyers see this frequently, even while the couple is going through the divorce. The couple can never be on the same page and live life as a functional unit if communication is not in the picture.

Expectations Are Not Being Met

A lack of communication leads right into this one. Expectations cannot be met if they are not communicated, and that leads to a lot of disappointment. It gets even worse when they expectations are being communicated and either partner is not making the effort to meet the expectations set forth for them.

Sadly, many marriages end in divorce now a days. If you find yourself needing divorce help, contact us today.

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