Affordable Divorce Lawyers in Stuart, Martin County, Florida
Three Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be emotionally difficult and financially draining. That’s why we keep it simple and affordable. Our name says it all. With below-industry hourly rates and payment plans to fit every budget, Affordable Divorce Center offers low-cost solutions to family law issues.

Our firm handles all areas of family law including divorce, modifications of alimony and child support, timesharing, paternity, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Whether it’s a simple, uncontested divorce or a complex, contested case, our Stuart divorce lawyer and staff of highly qualified paralegals and legal assistants will give you the personal attention you need during one of life’s most stressful times and work tirelessly to get the best results for you and your family.

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High-quality family law services at
low-cost prices

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Payment plans to fit most budgets

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Flat fees in some cases

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Full range of services from DIY Document Assistance to Low-Cost Representation

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Bilingual staff (Spanish/English)

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Staff of experienced, AV-rated, Florida Bar attorneys and paralegals you meet with one-on-one who speak to you in language you can understand.

Find Affordable Divorce Centre Services near you in Stuart, Martin County

Here at the Affordable Divorce Center, we believe that you should be able to hire a Stuart divorce lawyer to protect you and your family without draining your bank account. Our low hourly rates and payment plans are designed to save you money — money that we believe should go to you and your children’s future. We know how overwhelming and unsettling divorce can be for you and your family, so we make every effort to keep the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our experienced Stuart divorce lawyer and staff will be by your side all the way, always available to answer your questions or to simply ease your mind. We know that the thought of losing your financial stability, or worse yet, custody of your children, is frightening and we will go the extra mile, or ten, to look out for you and get you what you rightfully deserve.

Our Stuart divorce lawyer and staff, who are bilingual in English and Spanish, will speak to you in terms you can understand, not legal-speak, to make sure you feel safe and secure during every step of the process. From assistance with filing legal documents to court representation during divorce or child custody proceedings, our reputable, low-cost Stuart attorney will represent your interests throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Hiring a Stuart family Law Attorney

    • Experienced, skilled lawyers in the full spectrum of family law issues
    • Bilingual staff in English and Spanish
    • Below industry hourly rates
    • Payment plans
    • Flat Fees in some cases so you know how to budget ahead of time.
    • Assistance with completing documents or full representation by a Stuart family law attorney

We offer two Low-Cost Divorce Attorney options

    1. Our Document Assistance program is a flat-rate fee and is the ideal choice for couples that have worked out all the issues in their case such as how to divide the marital property, timesharing of the minor children and claims for alimony and/or child support. For one low, flat rate, you’ll work with one of our experienced paralegals who will provide you with the forms and instructions to either complete the forms yourself, or we will fill them out for you.  Our easy to follow instructions will save you money while giving you step by step directions on how to file your case at the courthouse.  With either option, you will be fully prepared for your Final Hearing. Free notary services are included for your convenience.
    2. But when couples can’t agree on the issues of alimony/child support or how to divide the assets, debts and time with the children, or even issues you haven’t even thought of, full representation by our Stuart divorce lawyer is advised. The decisions you make at the time of your divorce will affect you and your children for a long time, so it’s advisable to have an attorney in your corner to aggressively protect your interests, analyze your spouse’s claims and determine the best strategy and course of action for you and your children now and in the future.
Why Choose an Affordable Divorce Center in Stuart, Martin County, Florida?

The Affordable Divorce Center broke the mold. We are the front runner in family law firms offering low-cost family law services. After over 40 years of practicing family law in Florida, attorney Mark Maynor, a highly respected, AV-rated and board-certified family law specialist, recognized the need for a family law firm that could offer solutions to people who needed help, but couldn’t afford the high-priced fees regularly charged by family law attorneys. He assembled a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals who shared his passion for family law and truly care about families.  

Our knowledge of Florida family law and our mission of helping families obtain affordable representation is what makes Affordable Divorce Center unique and the leader in low-cost family law services. From simple divorces to cases involving more complex issues, paternity cases, or modifications to alimony and child support, Affordable Divorce Center will save you money — money that allows you to move on with your life.

With offices in Stuart, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, our attorneys will fight for your family and provide the trusted guidance and support needed to get you through some of your most challenging and stressful times. No matter the circumstances, a divorce is always going to be emotionally painful, but that doesn’t mean you need to be in financial pain, too. 

Our Stuart divorce lawyers will fight for your rights and determine the best course of action for you to take. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our family lawyers, contact the Affordable Divorce Center today.

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