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Welcome to the Affordable Divorce Center’s attorney documents services, your comprehensive solution for all legal aspects related to family law. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing expert guidance and support across various services, ensuring that your legal needs are met with precision and care.

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Divorce Documents Preparation:

Our cornerstone service revolves around divorce documents preparation. We understand that the divorce process can be complex, and our seasoned attorneys are here to make it as seamless as possible. Whether you’re initiating a divorce, responding to one, or seeking modifications, our team ensures that all necessary paperwork is meticulously prepared, meeting legal requirements and safeguarding your interests.

Choose from two convenient options: Complete the forms independently or let us handle it for you. Whichever you prefer, our straightforward instructions guide you seamlessly from filing a divorce case to the final hearing. Enjoy the added convenience of complimentary notary services included in both choices.

Low-Cost Representation:

Providing an affordable legal representation in Florida is at the core of our values. Our Attorney Documents Services include low-cost representation, ensuring that you receive dedicated legal support without compromising on quality. This commitment spans across various family law services, providing you with accessible and effective representation.

Modifying Alimony Documents:

At Affordable Divorce Center, we recognize that financial circumstances can change. Our experienced attorneys assist in modifying alimony documents to reflect these changes accurately. Whether you are seeking adjustments or responding to a modification request, Affordable Divorce Center provides comprehensive legal support. As part of our attorney documentation services, we excel in assisting you with modifying alimony documents. Our attorneys work closely with you to address changes, ensuring fair adjustments that align with both your needs and legal standards.

Timesharing / Visitation:

Affordable Divorce Center prioritizes the well-being of your family through our comprehensive timesharing and visitation services. Our legal team is adept at establishing schedules that consider the best interests of the child. As part of our attorney documentation services, we assist in establishing schedules that prioritize the best interests of the child. This service complements our broader offerings, ensuring your family law needs are met holistically.

Income Withholding Orders:

Navigating financial aspects during legal proceedings is often complex. Our team excels in managing income withholding orders, ensuring seamless processes for income deductions related to child support or alimony. Trust Affordable Divorce Center for expert assistance in this critical area, supporting your financial well-being during legal proceedings.

Paternity in Florida:

Establishing paternity in Florida involves addressing parental rights and responsibilities, and our Attorney Documents Services offer reliable assistance in navigating this complex process. From addressing parental rights to navigating child custody matters, our experienced attorneys guide you through paternity matters, ensuring legal clarity and resolution. Trust us to guide you through the legal complexities with expertise and dedication.

At the Affordable Divorce Center, our Attorney documentation services provide a comprehensive suite of legal solutions tailored to your family’s unique needs. Choose Affordable Divorce Center for dedicated, cost-effective legal solutions tailored to your family’s unique needs.

Our family law services such as separation & temporary support, parenting plans, child custody, child support, enforcement law support, or same sex marriage are designed to provide peace of mind and expert guidance during every step of your legal journey. Trust us for expert guidance and dedicated support throughout your family law journey.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

After working with the Affordable Divorce Center, I can say it was one very satisfying experience. It’s difficult enough to be in a situation of having to hire an attorney when going through a divorce and wonder if it’s a good match or not. My experience from the very beginning was nothing but exceptional. Everyone is helpful and compassionate. Phone calls and emails are answered quickly and very precise.

Adriana Gonzalez

I truly did not think I could afford an attorney. Originally, I filed all of my divorce documents myself. My “simple” divorce quickly became complicated . I wish I had done everything through this firm to begin with. They were fantastic and empathized with my situation. They worked with me at every step. I’m so grateful.

Jenny Demura

Best Place to go for any type of issues you need taken care of. They are on top of things and take care of most of the work so you don’t need to worry about things going wrong. Best of the best in my opinion, would recommend to anyone who needs great lawyers to help them out.

Gioser Cruz

These guys are the best. They kept me informed every step of the way. The most important thing for me was my children. They were able to get an agreement that focused on that and insured I got the support I needed.

Donna Mydland

I highly recommend the Affordable Divorce Center. Shawn and Wendy handled my case professionally, with care, and in the end I received the results that I wanted. My questions were always answered and I felt comfortable working with them throughout this process. Divorce isn’t easy, but they made it easier, both financially and emotionally. Thank you!

Andria Farmer

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The only difference between the two programs is cost and whether or not we complete the forms for you.  With Document Assembly there is only one appointment with a Paralegal. You complete all of the documents on your own with our advice and step-by-step instructions.  With Document Preparation there are two appointments – the first is to complete an Intake Form with all the information we need to complete your forms, and a second appointment with a paralegal to review, sign and notarize your documents.  In both cases, you have everything you need to file your case and attend your final hearing.

Yes, the initial Court filing fee of $409, a summons fee of $10 and service of process fee either by the sheriff’s office of $35 or a private process server of $50

If your case is contested and mediation is required by the Court, the fee, depending on your combined income would be either $60 or $120.  You also have the option to use a private mediator at an hourly rate set by the mediator.

There are mandatory filing fees by the Court, however, we will provide you with an application to determine whether or not the filing fees may be waived.

Document Assistance packages only apply to divorce cases that have not been filed yet. Document Assistance packages cannot be used to modify or enforce child support or alimony.

With Document Assistance, we will meet with you and give you the forms and instructions in one day.  With Document Preparation, we will meet with you to discuss your case and you will have your completed documents within 7-10 days.  It is up to you to go to the Courthouse and file your documents.

For Document Preparation, we will need yours and your spouse’s personal information including date of birth and social security number, dates of marriage and separation.  If there are minor children, we will need their social security number, date and place of birth and their addresses for the last 5 years.

While it certainly helps, no, you do not need to be in agreement to get your case started with these programs.  

No. Please note that your case may be delayed while attempts are made to find your spouse and the Court may require you to provide detailed and documented proof that you have made a diligent search to find him/her and/or publish notice in a local newspaper.

You will have to contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office or a private process server to serve your spouse.  We will advise you on where to find a list of them.

If you find that the forms are too complicated to complete yourself, we will gladly upgrade you to the Document Preparation program for the difference in price within the first 24 hours.  If it’s longer than 24 hours, a paralegal will assist you at the paralegal’s hourly rate.

Document Assistance is not appropriate in the following instances:

a)  The case has already been filed

b)  There is domestic violence

c)  The other spouse has retained an Attorney

d)  There is an active Protection Order involving one of the parties

e) If there are contestable issues. For instance, one party is requesting alimony, one or more of your children has special needs, or one party is requesting sole custody or an uneven share of the marital property.

In these circumstances it is advised to contact us for low cost representation

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