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Do It Yourself Divorce
Divorce is never trouble-free, but why make it harder than you have to?

For simple, uncontested cases, it’s as low as $199, and we make it as easy as 1, 2, 3:

We offer two types of service:

Document Assembly $199

  • We give you the Florida Supreme Court approved forms with instructions
  • You fill out the forms
  • You’ll meet one-on-one with a member of our legal team to review the forms and sign them

Document Preparation
Without children: $500
With children: $1000

  • We provide the Florida Supreme Court approved forms and a list of detailed instructions
  • You’ll meet one-on-one with a member of our legal team to provide the necessary information
  • We fill out the forms for you
  • Once complete, you’ll meet with a member of our legal team to review the forms and sign them
It’s that simple. We’ll also explain local Court rules and give you advice about filing your case and appearing before the Court. Plus, we’ll also provide a Notary Public service for free.


The clerk’s office charges fees for the necessary Florida Supreme Court approved forms and doesn’t even provide assistance when filling them out. At Affordable Divorce Center, they gave me the forms and even explained the process to me in language I could understand.
Former Client at Affordable Divorce Center

Contact us today to discuss your case. Don’t wait another minute. Affordable Divorce Center lawyers will give you the advice and peace of mind you need when going through turbulent times.

With Affordable Divorce Center’s professional guidance, you can do it yourself.

Unlike other “Do It Yourself” providers, you actually meet with an experienced legal professional in person at our office and have your questions answered on the spot. No waiting to get a reply email from some online document preparation service. No scratching your head about what a certain form means. With our clear and concise instructions, there will be no mystery. You will know exactly what you need to file and how to file it.

Affordable Divorce Center will give your case the individual attention it deserves. More importantly, Affordable Divorce Center will save you time and money.


What types of cases qualify for Affordable Divorce Center’s Document Assistance Service?

Is there a residency requirement?

Does your flat fee include Court costs?

How does my spouse know that I filed a case?

How long will this take?

Do I need to go to the final hearing?

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