You might be in love with someone, but the only issue is that you’ve only known them for a couple of weeks, and you’re thinking about marriage, crazy, right? It’s actually not; sometimes you can marry someone after a short while, and it works out. Other times you’ll realize you should have waited. According to The Atlantic, couples who had dated for at least three years before getting married were less than 40% less likely to split than couples who dated for less than a year prior to getting married.

So, How Long Should You Wait?

There is no definite answer with regard to whether you should wait to get married or how long you should wait. It mainly depends on how you relate to your significant other. Even if you’re both facing pressure from family and friends, such as it’s too early or they took too long to propose, there is no magic formula, and only you know if you should take the next step. One author and psychotherapist claims that between one and two years is often a reasonable time to wait before getting married and can help avoid getting a divorce. The author says that couples should go through trying experiences to see how they deal with issues together.

Marriage is about you and your spouse lending yourselves to compatibility rather than the amount of time you should wait. If you’ve seen a person at their lowest, had the time to learn about their family and seen their strengths and flaws, and still love them, you might be ready for marriage. So it’s important to remember that you can learn about someone in a very short time, especially if you spend a lot of time together. On the other hand, you can spend a couple of years with someone and barely know what they’re about.

There is no set time you should wait prior to getting married. It’s mainly about your experiences in your dating period and how you emerge from those experiences. For more information on a quality divorce lawyer, give us a call today.