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Uncontested Divorce
Does your marriage feel less like champagne and caviar and more like flat beer and cheese curls? Do you and your spouse argue over finances and the kids? Does the word D-I-V-O-R-C-E sound more like a key to unlock a prison than something to dread?

As uncomfortable and unpleasant as divorce may be, there still can be a silver lining, that is, if you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all issues.

That is when Mediation can be helpful and reduce the cost of a prolonged divorce.

Affordable Divorce Center’s divorce and family law attorneys will assist you in preparing for and accompany you to a Mediation Conference with an independent, third party Mediator to resolve issues specific to you and your family. Our attorneys will assist you in evaluating your options and in crafting an enforceable Marital Settlement Agreement, Parenting Plan and Child Support Guidelines (if there are children) that will protect you and your family.

Your case does not need to be filed in advance of the Mediation Conference and your spouse will not be served. This is a great way to work towards an affordable resolution.

Mediation: from $625

  • Payment plans available
  • With or without minor children (under 18)
  • We provide a financial affidavit for you to complete
  • We provide a Mandatory Disclosure list
  • We will coordinate a Mediation Conference
  • An Affordable Divorce Center attorney will represent you at the Mediation
  • If successful, you will receive an enforceable Marital Settlement Agreement, Parenting Plan and Child Support Guidelines (if there are children)
  • Fee does not include independent Mediator’s fee

Even though the parties are in agreement on the issues, in most cases, there still needs to be a settlement agreement and the proper documents need to be filed in order to obtain a divorce. The attorneys and paralegals at Affordable Divorce Center can guide you through the process and be there to ensure that everything is being done properly and in accordance with Florida law.
-Attorney at Affordable Divorce Center

Not sure what option is right for you? Contact us today to discuss your case. Don’t wait another minute. Affordable Divorce Center lawyers will give you the advice and peace of mind you need when going through turbulent times.


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