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Keep Your Divorce Costs Down With These Four Tips

There are so many divorce horror stories out there and if you’re beginning the steps towards divorce papers, you need a divorce lawyer, whether you’re planning on filing uncontested divorce or for a contested divorce. There are about two divorces every minute in the United States and many children grew up in a divorced household. There are ways to have a low cost divorce, but this often depends on the cooperation of both parties and their willingness to come to an agreement. So how can you strive for a low cost divorce? How do you choose a divorce lawyer? Read on for helpful divorce help!

What are Some Factors in Divorce Proceedings?

Women tend to file for two-thirds of divorces and according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, half of the caseload of couples’ therapists is due to infidelity — which is also a leading cause for divorce. A study from the Journal of Family Issues backs that up — almost 22% of respondents to the study said infidelity ended their marriage. Almost 20% cited incompatibility and almost 11% of divorces were a result of drinking or drug abuse.

How long couples have known each other or dated before getting married can also impact the divorce rate. Research shows that couples who dated at least three years before getting engaged were almost 40% less likely to get divorced as compared to couples who dated for under a year before their engagement.

Of course, every relationship and marriage is different, and the reasons for ending the marriage may be different and based on other varying factors.

How Can You Try to Get a Low Cost Divorce?

In many cases, couples are hoping to keep divorce costs low. One way to not do that is to avoid hiring a lawyer. A divorce lawyer can make a huge difference and help you negotiate, handle paperwork, put you in touch with the right people, and give you invaluable counsel over the course of your divorce proceedings.

The key to a low cost divorce is to streamline and prioritize. Figure out what is most important to you and be willing to negotiate and compromise. Do you want to keep the house or would you rather fight for more time with your children? For example, only a little over 20% of fathers see their children more than once a week when they live separately.

Try and think long-term when it comes to negotiating aspects of your divorce, especially when it comes to money. Divorce will impact your life in many different ways over the course of your life and you want to make smart decisions now.

There can be many bad feelings wrapped up in a divorce, but try to communicate as clearly and effectively as you can, and be organized and prepared when you show up to the proceedings. Hindering each other’s progress will only ultimately end up hurting you as well in the long run, by drawing out the divorce proceedings, which will cost you more.

How Do I Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer For Me?

Find a divorce lawyer whose goals are aligned with yours. For example, if you’re open to mediation and compromise, you probably don’t want an aggressive lawyer who is going to push you into a court. You should interview and talk with at least three different lawyers — in person is important — and see how you feel around them, and what your comfort level is like.

Find a lawyer with plenty of experience — and successful cases — and try to talk to others who may have used them in the past. Are they good communicators? Are they respectful and polite and cognizant of your time? You want to choose a lawyer who will reduce stress during the process, not add to it.

With the right lawyer by your side and a focused, clear strategy, your divorce can avoid becoming a huge expense.

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