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A Basic Breakdown of the 4 Different Kinds of Alimony in Florida

Alimony is one spouse’s court-ordered provision for the other spouse for financial support after a divorce. There are a few different types of alimony in the state of Florida, and here are the most common ones. Rehabilitative If one of the spouses is unable to be self-sufficient

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FAQs For Florida Fathers: What Are My Visitation Rights?

Negotiating any type of separation can be complicated. Even if you don’t require a low cost divorce attorney, you may need legal help if you share children with your partner. It’s imperative that you have a complete understanding of the law as it pertains to your parental

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Florida Child Support FAQ: Who Pays And How Are Costs Determined?

Navigating a divorce can be confusing enough, but when there are children involved, you may find that you’re completely overwhelmed with questions, concerns, and maybe even fears. That’s completely understandable — and it’s also why so many people consult with divorce lawyers, even when you’re filing uncontested

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Child Support: Will I Have to Pay Child Support?

Marriages can be wonderful if the two partners work well together and find ways to make the relationship last. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Couples get divorced for many reasons including marrying too young, infidelity, financial trouble, and so much more. One of the more difficult

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