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You feel it in your gut. Every day is another fight about something. Maybe something trivial, like not taking out the garbage, to major issues like your spouse’s gambling problem and having to file for bankruptcy.

Whatever it is, you may be headed on a one-way train to divorce court. You probably tried to work things out. Yet, sometimes, even despite the best intentions, you have been unable to resolve differences with your spouse. Or maybe your spouse has taken the first step and served you with divorce papers.

You need legal representation and you need it now.


Many of our clients start by trying to work out their own settlements, but soon find that one or the other spouse isn’t being fair. What starts out peaceful erupts into a battle causing arguments and pain, often times in front of children. By turning over the negotiations to an attorney, it allows the parties to resolve issues and agree on a settlement in an amicable way, without the anger and hostility.
-Attorney at Affordable Divorce Center

Contact us today and let us talk about your divorce and family law issues. Affordable Divorce Center lawyers will provide you the professional advice and peace of mind you need when going through divorce and other difficult marital and family issues.

No matter what the situation, Affordable Divorce Center can assist you in your time of need. We will assertively protect your rights, analyze your claims and those of your spouse, and determine the best strategy and course of action for you now and in the future.
Circumstances that may require Full Representation:

  • One party does not agree to the terms of the divorce
  • Assets and debts need to be divided
  • Parties may not agree regarding alimony/spousal support
  • Parties may not agree on parental responsibility, co-parenting and a timesharing schedule
  • Parties may not agree to child support


No matter what your need, Affordable Divorce Center is there for you. Our highly skilled divorce and family law attorneys are also experienced in domestic violence cases, modifications or enforcement of child support alimony or timesharing.


I have been served with divorce papers. What do I do?

I need help with bills and child support now. What can I do?

Child Support - who pays and how much?

Do I have to pay alimony?

What assets and debts are considered marital?

I just found out that my spouse was having an affair and spending lots of money on him/her. Am I entitled to any relief?

Contact us today to discuss your case. Don’t wait another minute. Affordable Divorce Center lawyers will give you the advice and peace of mind you need when going through turbulent times.

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